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Meditation Hikes

Picture yourself meditating: eyes closed, legs crossed, sitting on the floor, the backs of your hands resting on your knees, scolding yourself as your...

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A Short Walk Away

When we think about being nature, we tend to imagine a long walk in the woods, but research shows that even a short stroll through a small greenspace in your...

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Have a Cup O’ Kindness Yet – Pine Tea

In 1535, Jaques Cartier became stranded on the St. Lawrence River in the middle of winter and many of his men soon began to die from scurvy. It wasn’t until...

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CommunityCommunity issue 3Health and WellnessIssue 3


Dead Man’s Fingers

Even the witches in Macbeth knew the sinister nature of hemlock when they foretold the death of Macbeth, stirring their cauldron and chanting “root of...

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Spring Water: Healthful or Harmful?

On the side of the road in rural Puslinch, a steady stream of people can be found kneeling at the edge of a creek, filling large containers with spring water....

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Vintage Vegetables

Dark green, almost black tomatoes with deep red flesh and a fluted shape. Cosmic carrots, dark purple at the top, orange at the tip and bright yellow on the...

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