It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. – Leon Megginson

National Geographic defines adaptation as “a mutation, or genetic change, that helps an organism, such as a plant or animal, survive in its environment”. The change then passes down through subsequent generations which means the organism or species is more resilient and suited to its environment. read more
Turkey Vultures are adapted to eat carrion infected by rabies and other diseases, without getting sick, because of their stomach acid. Chickadees change their diets between seasons; insects in summer, berries and nuts in winter; so that they can survive all year without needing to migrate. It is through adaptation that species survive; it is through invention that humans can adapt to conserve our environment.

In this issue, you will meet a couple who are using goats to control invasive species on their property. You will learn about the species that are perfectly adapted to road sides—to their detriment. Once we have driven away from the highway, we will take you up to the rooftops to see solar panels letting the sun shine in. Then we will see how on rainy days citizens can use technology to contribute to scientific databases. After the rain has fallen, we will eat dirt: we promise it will not hurt us. We’ll learn literacy beyond the ABCs, come face to face between a rock and an open space, and, lastly, study lichen and how it could possibly function as an indicator of climate change.

Conservation is similar to the process of adaptation in that we have to learn what and how we can change to better suit, and above all, conserve the environment. It is in our responsiveness to change that we will be successful.


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To What May I Lichen Thee?

If you have been to Mount Nemo, or just about any park in Ontario, you have probably noticed that many of the trees and rocks are coated with a white, pale...

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Way to Goat

There are a number of ways to deal with invasive plant species—from spraying them with chemicals to covering them with a tarp to wrenching them out of the...

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Let the Sun Shine In

My alarm clock would buzz at an obnoxiously early hour, and it would seem that the birds and I were the only ones in the whole city waking up. I’d quickly...

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Road Trip

Roads take us to new places and we have many wonderful adventures, even when a tire blows or the vehicle breaks down.  But. These adventures come at a cost,...

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Face to Face

Your brain reluctantly quiets your instincts and adapts to the danger that comes with clinging to the side of a cliff I perched on the ledge, my fingers...

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Let Them Eat Dirt

Community En-gauge-ment

Literacy Beyond ABC


  • Morning at Mount Nemo
  • Turkey Vulture

  • Courtcliffe Park

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