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A Snooze… or a Miracle?

By Dan Strickland Originally printed in the The Raven, Volume 36, No 12, published by Algonquin Provincial Parkon September 7, 1996. Now that …another...

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Community En-gauge-ment

In Rain Fell Through the Night in the Habitat Issue of the Grindstone, we looked at how storms in our region are changing—less spread out and more intense,...

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High Horses

Have you met Ollie, Odyssey, Ruby, Judy, Sally and Brooke? These gentle giants are the hard working Percheron horses that pull the wagons for our winter sleigh...

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Dispatches From The Field

See the flora and fauna recently spotted by Conservation Halton ecologists in our watershed. Follow us on Twitter for real-time updates....

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Snip Snip: Why We Cut Down Trees

‘Tree felling’ and ‘conservation’ may seem like odd bedfellows. For many, the image that first comes to mind is the mass deforestation of tropical...

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Mean and Green: The Emerald Ash Borer

What’s small, green, flies and is less than an inch long? Not sure? It’s beautiful to look at, but it has a devastating impact on the ash trees around...

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CommunityCommunity issue 3Issue 3Letters to the Editor


Letters to The Editor

  What is Conservation To You? ‘Conservation for me is a silent walk in nature around the boardwalk surrounded by water teaming with the sounds of...

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Rolling the Dice

On August 4, 2014, Burlington was struck by a severe storm: over two months of rain fell onto a narrow geographical area.  The storm generated significant...

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