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Erica is the Assistant Editor and a writer for The Grindstone. She is the Brand Engagement Specialist for Conservation Halton.

Habitat - Issue 9NatureNature - Hibernation - 10Sustainability


Hot Take

The earth beneath us has been used for heating and cooling our dwellings since ancient Roman times. Now, geothermal energy is being used for heating and...

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CommunityCommunity - Migrate - 11MigrationNeighbourhoods


Wiley Coyotes

When we think of coyotes, most of us picture one standing on the edge of a cliff, howling at the moon, with a mountain range in the distance, but more and more...

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CommunityCommunity - Migrate - 11Health and WellnessMigration


Stuck in the Suburbs

Most of us, when we think about cycling as a means of transportation, picture a thirty-something guy riding a fixed-gear, drop-handlebar Bianchi, zipping past...

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AdventureCommunityCommunity - Migrate - 11Migration


Crossing the Canyon

If the word “canyon” conjures images of red rock and juniper trees, you might be surprised to learn that there is a canyon right here in your...

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AdaptationClimate ChangeNatureNature - Adapt - 10


To What May I Lichen Thee?

If you have been to Mount Nemo, or just about any park in Ontario, you have probably noticed that many of the trees and rocks are coated with a white, pale...

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AdaptationConservationNatureNature - Adapt - 10


Way to Goat

There are a number of ways to deal with invasive plant species—from spraying them with chemicals to covering them with a tarp to wrenching them out of the...

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AdaptationAdventureCommunityCommunity - Adapt - Issue 10


Face to Face

Your brain reluctantly quiets your instincts and adapts to the danger that comes with clinging to the side of a cliff I perched on the ledge, my fingers...

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AdaptationCommunityCommunity - Adapt - Issue 10Health and Wellness


Let Them Eat Dirt

Most of us don’t remember much from our early years but ask just about any parent and they will tell you—kids eat a lot of dirt. And for every kid with a...

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ConservationHabitat - Issue 9NatureNature - Habitat - 9


Making Nice With the Neighbours

As humans, our habitat looks like houses and apartments, made of wood, brick and concrete, neatly arranged into streets, neighbourhoods, town and cities. For...

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CommunityCommunity - Habitat - 9Habitat - Issue 9Health and Wellness


Gone Viral

We know that nature and health are tied together intrinsically but there’s more to it than fresh air and clean water. The way that wildlife habitat protects...

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