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Gayle has been a camper, hiker, and outdoors enthusiast since she was a teenager who fostered her love of being outdoors--and sharing that love with others--as a camp counsellor. Her outdoor pursuits in the last few years have mainly been in Ontario, Canada. But she is no stranger to combining her enthusiasm for the outdoors and international travel. She has camped across the country of Greece, rafted on the Iguazu River to Iguazu Falls in Brazil, hiked down Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa, trail-ridden horses through the rainforests of Belize, zip-lined in Costa Rica and hiked through the rainforests of Panama. Now based in Guelph, she is the founder and writer for the blog Sometimes Eventful. Sometimes Eventful is a lifestyle/outdoor family blog about getting outside, exploring, and doing stuff. She is an ambassador of Halton Parks People.

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Cold Air, Don’t Care

When the leaves fall from the trees and there is a chill in the air, most people pack away their camping gear with a sigh of regret and prepare for a long...

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All-Terrain Access

Did you know that there are trails at a couple of Conservation Halton parks that are designed to help people in wheelchairs enjoy getting outside and into...

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