Holly Author

Over more than 10 years, Holly has enjoyed a career focused on the environment and spanning the private, public and non-government sectors. She is a graduate of both Sir Sandford Fleming College and Trent University. As the Terrestrial Planning Ecology Specialist for the Regional Infrastructure Team with Conservation Halton, Holly implements policies and provides ecological recommendations through review and approval of environmental studies and reports submitted in support of planning and development-related applications, and municipal and internal initiatives. In addition, she coordinates the road ecology program and has developed priority location mapping and guidance documents.

AdaptationNatureNature - Adapt - 10Species


Road Trip

Roads take us to new places and we have many wonderful adventures, even when a tire blows or the vehicle breaks down.  But. These adventures come at a cost,...

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Habitat - Issue 9NatureNature - Habitat - 9Species


Life of a Cicada

Back in the summer, the ecologists at Conservation Halton spotted a cicada shedding its skin outside the administration office. We kept an eye on the insect...

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