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Jim joined the Conservation Halton volunteer core in May 2017. He recently added a day a week of volunteering with the operations team at Mountsberg Conservation Area to his commitment to the organization. Beginning his career in the corporate sales and marketing, Jim moved to voluntary sector management and continues in not for profit work in a part-time capacity. He is working on a Sustainable Trails Certificate through Fleming College, but feels it may be 10 years leading nordic walking and hiking groups that motivated his interest in volunteering with a conservation organization. A long time hiker, nordic skier and cyclist, the trails within Halton Conservation’s area have been favorites since moving to Dundas from Simcoe County 21 years ago. Residing in Dundas with his wife Janet, Jim is inspired by the career choices of their children Stuart (arborist, Kelowna BC) and Gillian (PhD Environmental Chemistry).

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Conservation, At It’s Core

“Conservation Halton…that’s an interesting organization.” With those words over hot coffee on a cold rainy day this past spring, a friend listened with...

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