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To What May I Lichen Thee?

If you have been to Mount Nemo, or just about any park in Ontario, you have probably noticed that many of the trees and rocks are coated with a white, pale...

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Way to Goat

There are a number of ways to deal with invasive plant species—from spraying them with chemicals to covering them with a tarp to wrenching them out of the...

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Face to Face

Your brain reluctantly quiets your instincts and adapts to the danger that comes with clinging to the side of a cliff I perched on the ledge, my fingers...

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Let the Sun Shine In

My alarm clock would buzz at an obnoxiously early hour, and it would seem that the birds and I were the only ones in the whole city waking up. I’d quickly...

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Let Them Eat Dirt

Most of us don’t remember much from our early years but ask just about any parent and they will tell you—kids eat a lot of dirt. And for every kid with a...

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Community En-gauge-ment

In Rain Fell Through the Night in the Habitat Issue of the Grindstone, we looked at how storms in our region are changing—less spread out and more intense,...

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Road Trip

Roads take us to new places and we have many wonderful adventures, even when a tire blows or the vehicle breaks down.  But. These adventures come at a cost,...

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Literacy Beyond ABC

One unusually warm February morning, I took a walk out to Mountsberg’s sugar bush. As I walked, I heard the first red-winged blackbirds calling in the marsh...

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