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A Snooze… or a Miracle?

By Dan Strickland Originally printed in the The Raven, Volume 36, No 12, published by Algonquin Provincial Parkon September 7, 1996. Now that …another...

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The sport of snowshoeing isn’t as intimidating as it appears to be. Besides your appropriate winter layers, you will need winter boots, snowshoes, and winter...

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Frozen Fingers

The frozen finger pushes into the sediment and bores down into the lake basin. A researcher injects liquid nitrogen into the finger to freeze the sediment, and...

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Cold Air, Don’t Care

When the leaves fall from the trees and there is a chill in the air, most people pack away their camping gear with a sigh of regret and prepare for a long...

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A Science and an Art

I love going for early morning walks along the trails, especially if there is a slight mist or fog in the air … the sun not long up, creating atmospheric...

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Wiley Coyotes

When we think of coyotes, most of us picture one standing on the edge of a cliff, howling at the moon, with a mountain range in the distance, but more and more...

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Stuck in the Suburbs

Most of us, when we think about cycling as a means of transportation, picture a thirty-something guy riding a fixed-gear, drop-handlebar Bianchi, zipping past...

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Crossing the Canyon

If the word “canyon” conjures images of red rock and juniper trees, you might be surprised to learn that there is a canyon right here in your...

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Face to Face

Your brain reluctantly quiets your instincts and adapts to the danger that comes with clinging to the side of a cliff I perched on the ledge, my fingers...

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Let Them Eat Dirt

Most of us don’t remember much from our early years but ask just about any parent and they will tell you—kids eat a lot of dirt. And for every kid with a...

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