AdaptationCommunityCommunity - Adapt - Issue 10Education


Literacy Beyond ABC

One unusually warm February morning, I took a walk out to Mountsberg’s sugar bush. As I walked, I heard the first red-winged blackbirds calling in the marsh...

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CommunityCommunity - Habitat - 9EducationHabitat - Issue 9


In Search of Lady’s Slippers

Being able to spend time outdoors and educate children and adults about nature is a joy during any season of the year but my heart belongs to spring. The...

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Community - Web - 8Education


School Ground Greening

From school supplies to packaged lunches to electricity use, the school system can have a serious impact on our environment but the Ontario EcoSchools program...

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CommunityCommunity -Stream - 7EducationIssue 7 - Stream


amęʔyeh ~ On the Water ~

I am a Toronto based artist and cultural advocate. I was commissioned to create and install works significant to the themes of water, Crawford Lake, and...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 6EducationIssue 6


Will You Take the Challenge?

Mindful Consumption & the #HaltonWasteChallenge Have you ever thought about what happens to our waste after it’s picked up from the curb? Or about ways...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 5EducationIssue 5


Nature For All Abilities

The forest and trails have always felt like a safe space for my family to explore and learn.  I can still recall the list of birds as we would walk the...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 4EducationIssue 4


Climate Change SOS (Save Our Syrup)

Situated between winter and spring in Ontario lies a fifth and oft forgotten season of the year, maple season (although cases could be made for a sixth and...

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CommunityCommunity issue 3EducationIssue 3


The Land That Reaches The Sky

As leaves tell us the story of the year in the changing seasons– from vivid greens at the beginning, to splashy reds and oranges at apex, and finally the...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 2EducationIssue 2


What’s Lurking at the Bottom of Crawford Lake

Once upon a time, there was a girl and her grandfather. Her grandfather was a storyteller, not flamboyant in delivery, but self-assured and comforting. He...

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CommunityCommunity issue 1EducationIssue 1


The Humble Field Trip

In our lives most of us travel the same path every day, experiencing the same people, same places, same sights, sounds, and smells. If we are lucky, there is...

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