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CommunityCommunity - HibernateHealth and WellnessHibernation - 10



The sport of snowshoeing isn’t as intimidating as it appears to be. Besides your appropriate winter layers, you will need winter boots, snowshoes, and winter...

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CommunityCommunity - Migrate - 11Health and WellnessMigration


Stuck in the Suburbs

Most of us, when we think about cycling as a means of transportation, picture a thirty-something guy riding a fixed-gear, drop-handlebar Bianchi, zipping past...

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AdaptationCommunityCommunity - Adapt - Issue 10Health and Wellness


Let Them Eat Dirt

Most of us don’t remember much from our early years but ask just about any parent and they will tell you—kids eat a lot of dirt. And for every kid with a...

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CommunityCommunity - Habitat - 9Habitat - Issue 9Health and Wellness


Gone Viral

We know that nature and health are tied together intrinsically but there’s more to it than fresh air and clean water. The way that wildlife habitat protects...

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Community - Web - 8Health and Wellness


All-Terrain Access

Did you know that there are trails at a couple of Conservation Halton parks that are designed to help people in wheelchairs enjoy getting outside and into...

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CommunityCommunity -Stream - 7Health and WellnessIssue 7 - Stream


Fungi Foraging

In the fall, mushroom foragers can be found throughout the forests of Ontario in search of the rarest, most flavourful, most healthful fungi. For some, it is...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 6Health and WellnessIssue 6


Meditation Hikes

Picture yourself meditating: eyes closed, legs crossed, sitting on the floor, the backs of your hands resting on your knees, scolding yourself as your...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 5Health and WellnessIssue 5


A Short Walk Away

When we think about being nature, we tend to imagine a long walk in the woods, but research shows that even a short stroll through a small greenspace in your...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 4Health and WellnessIssue 4


Have a Cup O’ Kindness Yet – Pine Tea

In 1535, Jaques Cartier became stranded on the St. Lawrence River in the middle of winter and many of his men soon began to die from scurvy. It wasn’t until...

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CommunityCommunity issue 3Health and WellnessIssue 3


Dead Man’s Fingers

Even the witches in Macbeth knew the sinister nature of hemlock when they foretold the death of Macbeth, stirring their cauldron and chanting “root of...

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