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Community En-gauge-ment

In Rain Fell Through the Night in the Habitat Issue of the Grindstone, we looked at how storms in our region are changing—less spread out and more intense,...

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CommunityCommunity - Habitat - 9Habitat - Issue 9Outreach


Salamander Crossing

Why did the salamander cross the road? To get to the other side, of course. Each year, the City of Burlington closes King Road from the base of the Niagara...

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Green Screens

Our Implicit Connections With Nature When we think of nature, we think of lakes, rivers, oceans, forests, savannas and other ecosystems, each with their...

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Conservation, At It’s Core

“Conservation Halton…that’s an interesting organization.” With those words over hot coffee on a cold rainy day this past spring, a friend listened with...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 6Issue 6Outreach


Common Ground

From spring to fall, on just about any day, someone can be found planting, pruning, watering or weeding at the Grow to Give garden. But the tomatoes they tend...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 5Issue 5Outreach


Land: They’re Not Making it Anymore

“Buy land. They’re not making it anymore” – Mark Twain Conservation Halton is the largest, non-provincial government, landowner in our...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 4Issue 4Outreach


Celebrating Everyday Heroes

“Real heroes are all around us and uncelebrated”, said Peter Capaldi in an interview with the London Evening Standard. Capaldi is the twelfth actor to play...

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CommunityCommunity issue 3Issue 3Outreach


Connecting Kids with Nature: The Forest Festival

Like many industrialized countries, Canada has become a country of city dwellers with more than 80 per cent of us living in an urban environment. Nowhere is...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 2Issue 2Outreach


Only Rain Goes Down the Drain

Drinking water is precious to all of us and essential for human life.  In many urban communities, water can be easily taken for granted. We turn on the tap,...

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CommunityCommunity issue 1Issue 1Outreach


Seeds of Curiosity

Anyone who has gone to school, or has children, can remember the excitement and buzz of the field trip. The opportunity to escape school for a day, take a ride...

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