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Seeds of Curiosity

Anyone who has gone to school, or has children, can remember the excitement and buzz of the field trip. The opportunity to escape school for a day, take a ride...

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CultureIssue 1Photos



|  Photo by: Nigel Finney Description: Taken during a restoration project in Glenorchy Conservation Area....

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CultureIssue 1Photos


Maple Keys

|  Photo by: Darlene Duncan Description: Maple seeds on a maple tree in late winter. Maple seeds are also called ‘maple keys’ and...

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CommunityCommunity issue 1EducationIssue 1


The Humble Field Trip

In our lives most of us travel the same path every day, experiencing the same people, same places, same sights, sounds, and smells. If we are lucky, there is...

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Vintage Vegetables

Dark green, almost black tomatoes with deep red flesh and a fluted shape. Cosmic carrots, dark purple at the top, orange at the tip and bright yellow on the...

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CommunityCommunity issue 1Issue 1Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor

Time Well Spent @khrismal “Take time to do what makes your soul happy” Philanthropy @LimehousePs “Look at our posters,we’re raising...

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Issue 1NatureNature Issue 1Sustainability


Set Fire to the Plain

“King’s Head Inn, Burlington Bay c.1792 When we had near crossed the bay, Beasley’s house became a very pretty object. We landed at it, and walked up...

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Issue 1NatureNature Issue 1Species



While common in creeks and ditches, not many locals in our watershed know about Jewelweed, also known as Touch-Me-Not. You’ve probably seen them beginning in...

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Climate ChangeIssue 1NatureNature Issue 1


When Pigs Swim

Creeping up and down Sixteen Mile Creek this summer is Halton’s largest ecological alien. Giant Hogweed has been colonizing this stretch of Halton for at...

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ConservationIssue 1NatureNature Issue 1


Aliens Among Us

Contrary to popular belief, worms are not from Canada. They  are actually an invasive species. The worm was imported to Canada inadvertently and released into...

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