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Miraculous Conception

A baby born without a genetic father might sound like a divine miracle or a biblical tale but, this past summer, it happened at Mountsberg Conservation Area...

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Rock Bottom

“Ben-the-what-now?” Benthic means something at or near the bottom of a body of water, macro means large, but not “sea monster” large, and invertebrate...

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Cash Flows

As human beings, we tend to have a love-hate relationship with water. On one hand, water is integral to everything around us—our health, weather patterns,...

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Climate ChangeIssue 7 - StreamNatureNature - Issue 7 - Stream


Fish Out of Water

Everyone knows that Hamilton Harbour, also known as Burlington Bay, has some unique issues. What you may not know is that with such a large amount of rain this...

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Preparing For the Draft

Recently, my husband and I stood in the weather stripping aisle of our local hardware store considering the myriad varieties of adhesive backed insulating foam...

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Fungi Foraging

In the fall, mushroom foragers can be found throughout the forests of Ontario in search of the rarest, most flavourful, most healthful fungi. For some, it is...

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amęʔyeh ~ On the Water ~

I am a Toronto based artist and cultural advocate. I was commissioned to create and install works significant to the themes of water, Crawford Lake, and...

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CommunityCommunity -Stream - 7Issue 7 - StreamOutreach


Conservation, At It’s Core

“Conservation Halton…that’s an interesting organization.” With those words over hot coffee on a cold rainy day this past spring, a friend listened with...

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