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Small Species, Big Data

Have you ever seen a large group of people take over a large conservation area or park, and they are on the ground peering through magnifying glasses, or...

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Nature - Web - 8Sustainability


Seeds of Change

The creation of a restored ecosystem in Dundas has its beginnings on a clear, sunny October day, about 30 kilometres to the east in Oakville. Thirty community...

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Nature - Web - 8Species


High Horses

Have you met Ollie, Odyssey, Ruby, Judy, Sally and Brooke? These gentle giants are the hard working Percheron horses that pull the wagons for our winter sleigh...

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Climate ChangeNature - Web - 8


Better Together

Climate change is happening and the only way we can be prepared for it is to work together as a community. We are already beginning to see the local effects of...

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