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The article gently sidesteps the fact that trees are cut and removed to be sold for profit. That is why the strongest trees are let to grow and then cut. Perhaps if we admit that, we can set some forests aside to grow natiurally. It seems a presumption to believe that we can improve on nature. On steep slopes, clear cutting causes erosion . The soil is washed away and trees will not be able to regrow for hundreds of thousands of years. Yes, human interventions resemble natural disasters such as forest fires etc. But these disasters continue to happen with increasing frequency. Between the fires, insect infestations, strong winds , all enhanced by global warming, and our intervention, I don’t think the forests have much chance.

So far, human efforts have not stopped the emerald ash borer nor the die-off of the pine forests in the West. Elms and chestnuts are gone and others will be next. I do not have the answer- I am just sad. – Janet Krejkova

In the Leaves

It brought back many childhood memories and I can still recall the smell of the leaves while rustling in them with my siblings.

I will share it with others!


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Last modified: September 5, 2017

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