In the autumn, we watch while the Canadian Geese prepare for the long flight south, and the salmon run up the streams—migrating from one season to the other. Migration is not only in the animal world, humans migrate in and out of countries, neighbourhoods, through careers and through life. Therefore, it is in conservation that movement defines seasons, and life cycles in nature. Conservation is always moving, and thus we must, too.
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In this issue, you will travel to Hamilton Harbour with us to watch where the walleye go, and from northern to southern ontario with the black bears—migrants due to climate change. We will then get on our bikes and ride through our neighbourhoods, and past the newest neighbours, the coyotes, who are making suburban communities their home. After we have acquainted ourselves, we will travel with scientists through-out recent history to define the Anthropocene, the Human Era, in Crawford Lake. While at Crawford Lake, we will visit the Three Sister’s Garden and meet the seed-keepers who protect the ancient seeds with illustrious histories of their own. Lastly, we will hike through the Nassagaweya Canyon, and learn about the escarpment through a paintbrush, and how science and art are united.
In our watershed, people and wildlife and nature are always moving, and in studying how we move together, we can be successful in conservation.

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Harvesting Time

Seeds are held close to the heart in many of the cultures Indigenous to Turtle Island. This is certainly true for the Iroquoian societies of the Lower Great...

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Where the Wild Things Go

Believe it or not, Hamilton Harbour is home to a diverse fish community. It sustains at least 45 species, and perhaps more surprisingly to some, the fish...

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Arriving at the Anthropocene

Sky water. It needs no fence. Nations come and go without defiling it. It is a mirror which no stone can crack, whose quicksilver will never wear off, whose...

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Bearing South

When people think of black bears, they think of Northern Canada and deep forests. These majestic mammals are a symbol of the great outdoors. Anyone who has...

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A Science and an Art

I love going for early morning walks along the trails, especially if there is a slight mist or fog in the air … the sun not long up, creating atmospheric...

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Wiley Coyotes

Stuck in the Suburbs

Crossing the Canyon


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