“What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” – Henry David Thoreau

Home. Home is a place of comfort, family, safety, and retreat. It is a place that we build, maintain and protect, that we renovate, cultivate and clean. Home is where we start our families and raise our children, until they fly off to build homes of their own.

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To quote the poet, Gary Snyder, “we don’t visit nature, we live in it” and this is why we called this issue, Nest. It’s in nature that we make our homes, that we feather our nests. Without nature, we would have nowhere to live and, like our homes, nature is something that we need to restore and protect.

At Conservation Halton, it is our priority to protect the lands, forests, streams, and lakes that define our landscape. These natural features are the foundation on which we make our homes, grow our families, and live together in our communities.

In this issue, you’ll read about many different kinds of homes. First, read about the bird communities that are building their nests at the restored Glenorchy Conservation Area. Then read about the effects of climate change on bird migration patterns. Then fly over to Swallowville, population 200, and read about the Tree Swallows that are moving into the nest boxes at Mountsberg. After you’ve toured Swallowville, find out from Heather Govender of Halton Green Screens how you can reduce your waste through the Halton Waste Challenge. Then take a stroll out to the Grow to Give garden, where members of our community are growing food for those in need. Finally, reflect on what you have learned on a meditation hike through one of our parks with Moksha Yoga as your guide.

We hope that the Nest issue will show you that not only is it as important to protect nature as it is to protect our homes and our communities but that, through conservation, we can protect both.


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Swallowville: Pop. 200

The travellers who arrive here come from as far away as Panama and Colombia to this spot in the spring, where over thirty nest boxes stand. Welcome to...

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Climate ChangeIssue 6NatureNature Issue 6


Fly Away Home

Every year, the beginning of spring seems to inch further and further up the calendar year, like a caterpillar inching up a branch. The official start date of...

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ConservationIssue 6NatureNature Issue 6


A Place To Come Home

They say that “if you build it, they will come” but when it comes to restoring a natural area and creating habitat, it’s not that simple. That’s...

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Issue 6IssuesNatureNature Issue 6Sustainability


Tiny House

“Drive up the laneway, past the barn on the right, keep driving up the laneway and you’ll see parking on the left. Walk back across the laneway and...

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CommunityCommunity Issue 6Dispatches From The FieldIssue 6


Dispatches From The Field

See the flora and fauna recently spotted by Conservation Halton ecologists in our watershed....

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