“You will not solve global climate change by hitting the delete button.” – Tom Brokaw

Climate change is happening and, unlike the computer, tablet or phone you are reading this on, there isn't a button we can hit to make it go away. Climate change is going to require us, as individuals and organizations, to be flexible, adaptable and resilient. Like salmon swimming upstream, we have to persist against the currents—we have to look at how our behaviours and habits impact the environment, consider what changes we can make to our own lifestyles and put more emphasis on the conservation of our natural areas and resources. read more
Streams are busy bodies of water and the wildlife that live in them thrive in a state of constant change. This is why we have called this issue “Stream”. In the state of constant change that we find ourselves, healthy watershed areas and resilient natural systems are what will enable us to reduce and respond to the effects of climate change.

In this issue, you’ll read about how high water levels in Hamilton Harbour have had some surprising impacts on the surrounding area, how the bugs at the bottom of our streams let ecologists know when something is wrong and how a water snake has made a miracle happen at Mountsberg. After we’ve taken you below the surface, we’ll come back up for air and learn about a team of volunteers that is dedicated to conservation, we’ll take a walk through an immersive art exhibit at Crawford Lake and then we’ll head into the woods to go mushroom hunting. Lastly, we’ll learn more about water conservation in Waterdown and find out sealing up a leaky home can help you prepare for climate change.

We can’t hit the delete button on climate change but there is plenty that we can do to lessen our mitigate and adapt to its effects.


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Miraculous Conception

A baby born without a genetic father might sound like a divine miracle or a biblical tale but, this past summer, it happened at Mountsberg Conservation Area...

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Rock Bottom

“Ben-the-what-now?” Benthic means something at or near the bottom of a body of water, macro means large, but not “sea monster” large, and invertebrate...

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Cash Flows

As human beings, we tend to have a love-hate relationship with water. On one hand, water is integral to everything around us—our health, weather patterns,...

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Fish Out of Water

Everyone knows that Hamilton Harbour, also known as Burlington Bay, has some unique issues. What you may not know is that with such a large amount of rain this...

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Preparing For the Draft

Recently, my husband and I stood in the weather stripping aisle of our local hardware store considering the myriad varieties of adhesive backed insulating foam...

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Fungi Foraging

amęʔyeh ~ On the Water ~

Conservation, At It’s Core


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