“In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When we decided to call this issue “Web”, we had much more than spider webs in mind. In nature, everything is connected. The sun, the water, the soil and the air are linked to the seasons, the climate, and the life cycles of all plants and wildlife. Our forests are joined through a network of roots, branches and leaves, the scattering of seeds, the movement patterns of pollinators and the migration pathways of other species. Our watershed is connected through creeks, streams, lakes, floodplains, wetlands and groundwater.

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As human beings, our relationship with nature is also one of connection. When we want to spend time in nature, we walk on trails that lead us to the forests, lakes, streams, and escarpment in our region. If we want to protect our environment, we need to deepen our bond with nature, help others in our communities do the same and come together to create change.

In this issue, you’ll read about how all-terrain wheelchairs are helping people with reduced mobility connect with nature and how a new group of community partners plans to better prepare Halton for climate change. You’ll find out how the Family Nature Play Club is going to provide children with opportunities for unstructured nature play, learn more about how Halton Green Screens is using film to connect members of our community with environmental issues and then visit the majestic Percheron horses at Mountsberg. We’ll take a moment to collect seeds so that they can be planted in a restored natural area in Hamilton, then pull out our clipboard and join a community of citizen scientists and experts to collect data during a bioblitz. Finally, we’ll stop in at a school in Milton to learn how the students there are taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment.

We hope that the Web issue will not only remind you of the endless connections that exist in nature, but inspire you to renew that connection to nature within yourself. No one stands alone when they are in nature.


ConservationNature - Web - 8


Small Species, Big Data

Have you ever seen a large group of people take over a large conservation area or park, and they are on the ground peering through magnifying glasses, or...

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Nature - Web - 8Sustainability


Seeds of Change

The creation of a restored ecosystem in Dundas has its beginnings on a clear, sunny October day, about 30 kilometres to the east in Oakville. Thirty community...

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Nature - Web - 8Species


High Horses

Have you met Ollie, Odyssey, Ruby, Judy, Sally and Brooke? These gentle giants are the hard working Percheron horses that pull the wagons for our winter sleigh...

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Climate ChangeNature - Web - 8


Better Together

Climate change is happening and the only way we can be prepared for it is to work together as a community. We are already beginning to see the local effects of...

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Community - Web - 8Editorial


Where the Wild Things Are

Do you or members of your family suffer from “Nature Deficit Disorder”? Nature Deficit Disorder is caused by a lack of Vitamin “N” (Nature)....

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